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  • Are air purifiers good against Covid? Do HEPA filters protect against COVID?
    Coronaviruses can be transmitted in the form of droplets, a small number of them can be transmitted by contact*13, and they may also be transmitted by fecal-oral*14, and it is currently considered ...
  • Do air purifiers get rid of dust?What is the best air purifier to buy?
    People often ask, there is a lot of dust in the house, the computer screen, table, and floor are full of dust. Can an air purifier be used to remove dust? In fact, the air purifier mainly filters o...
  • Is the air purifier effective? What are their roles?
    Air quality has always been a topic of concern to all of us, and we breathe the air every day. This also means that air quality can have a huge impact on our bodies. In fact, air purifiers are part...


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