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Wholesale Factory Office Uv Automatic Portable Electric Evaporative Humidifier For Home

Short Description:

It can not only effectively improve indoor dryness, but also help keep the skin, mouth, and nasal cavity moisturized, and reduce static electricity.

Good humidification effect:enter the “smart constant humidity” mode, the machine has a relatively high-precision sensor, so that the air humidity will not be too high or too low. It will intimately keep the air humidity in the Shurun area automatically to avoid excessive humidity in the air.

Large enough capacity: 10L super large water storage capacity, no need to add water frequently, fill up the water before going to bed, there is still one third left in the morning, don’t worry about running out of water, get up in the middle of the night to add water

Three levels:according to your actual needs, keep the humidity in the comfortable zone.

The operation is simple:there is no need to prepare pure water and distilled water, just add tap water and it can be used. Moreover, there will be no white mist floating out during use, and it is not easy to bring out impurities and bacteria in the water together, and there is no need to worry about water stains around the humidifier after a long time of use.

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Product Model X6
Rated Voltage AC220~240V
Rated Power 20W
Humidifying Capacity 800mL/h
Water Tank 10L
Unit Dimension 29.6*29.6*63cm
Packing Dimension 38.5*38.5*78.5cm
Unit N.W./G.W. 5.2/7.3kg
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