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No Mist 2-in-1 Evaporative Purifier and Humidifier for home

Short Description:

This No Mist Evaporative humidifier can not only moisten the air intelligently but also purify the air efficiently.

Consists of upper and lower parts: the upper part is the working unit, and the lower part is the water tank with a filter element. Clever design keeps water and electric parts separated and makes later maintenance and cleaning more convenient and safer.

Mist-free and efficient humidification: no moisture will appear on furniture, floor or table surfaces. Purification, sterilization, and humidification are carried out simultaneously, which greatly alleviates the problem of indoor dryness.

Water is added at the top, and the air outlet is designed on the four sides. The water gets purified and evaporated through the filter element, providing the air circulation for whole house humidification.

At the bottom air inlet, the dry air passes through the wet filter element to form humid air, which also has a certain air filtering effect.

Water level can be observed through the window on the side of the product.

The LED display clearly shows the indoor air quality level. There is touch panel below for power on, standby, humidification level selection and mode switching.

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Model № X8
Filter system Pre-filter + HEPA13 + Activated carbon composite
Water tank capacity 3L
Area <20m²
Rated Power 38W
Rated voltage/frequency 220~240V / 50Hz~60Hz
Noise level (SPL) (at high speed) <35dB
Features LED color/Touch panel/Air Purifier/ Humidifier
Product Size 26.8*26.8*67.5cm
Package Size 30*30*70cm
Net Weight 5kg
Loading quantity 168/20'


X8 (1) X8 (2) X8 (3) X8 (4) X8 (5) X8 (6) X8 (7) X8 (8) X8 (9) X8 (10) X8 (11) X8 (12)

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